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Your Professional Support Team
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Mental Health Counseling and Child Advocate


Masters in Social Work (BSW, MSW)

With more than a decade of experience in my field, I have found passion in supporting families.  One of my purposes in life is to help people thrive to their greatest potential.  If you are seeking counseling to support your health and wellness contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if I am the right fit for you.  I have a focus with the development of children, parenting support and mental health for children, youth and adults.

Doctorate of Medicine

High-Risk Obstetrics & prenatal pediatrics [aka fetal medicine]

Board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Dr. Kia is a woman’s health physician who serves pregnant persons with complicated pregnancy needs. Her specialty has multiple names: Maternal-Fetal Medicine, High-Risk Obstetrics, and Perinatology. Doctors in this field are specialists in using ultrasound to evaluate the growing baby, diagnosing normal and abnormal development in the womb; we also specialize in managing maternal health conditions that complicate pregnancy. Dr. Kia offers personalized pregnancy plans and concierge question and answer packages.

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Personal Trainer &

Movement Specialist


American Council on Exercise, European Register of Exercise Professionals, Full Range Conditioning (ACE, EREP, FRC)

I am committed to changing the narrative around movement and our stories about our bodies. Through my unique integrative movement approach, I guide clients to move beyond their perceived limits around exercise (i.e., injuries, chronic pain, fear of activity, etc.) Over the years, I helped hundreds of humans build solid strength for life by improving their movement patterns, habitual behaviors, relationship with their breath, mobility and flexibility, weaknesses, and nervous system capacity. I believe our body has magical powers to heal and restore when we are willing to do the deep work.

Mental Health Counselor


Masters in Social Work, Registered Social Worker


My expertise lies in supporting clients with the emotional impacts of experiencing various forms of racism and/or ableism in their lives. I also take an intersectional approach and recognize how other factors such as gender identity, sexual orientation, class, etc. can intersect with racism and/or ableism. I use different counselling modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy or narrative therapy in my approach to supporting clients.

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Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy; Diploma of Applied Holistic Nutrition; Bachelor of Education (Primary)

(BHSc, CNP (Nat), B.Ed) 

I provide a balanced and comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, based on your unique health goals, challenges and needs. I support you through the process of integrating small but significant changes, incorporating dietary advice, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine and lifestyle counselling.  

Success Coach for Teen and 

Young Adults


Academic Life Coach (ALC)

I work with teens and young adults to design value-based systems of thinking and execution that work for their lives. Through my 12-session E.T.A. (Empower. Transform. Achieve.) program we test these systems to ensure a good fit and we walk through how these systems can be applied to different areas of life into the future. Working with a success coach can help you to overcome challenges with resilience and confidence and feel happy, successful and in-control no matter your external circumstances. I can't wait to meet with you and succeed together as a team!  

Naturopath and Holistic Nutritionist


Cognitive Neuroscientist


Bachelor in Science and Masters in Science (BSc., MSc.) 

My area of expertise revolves around the inner workings of the brain and how we can manipulate these pathways to improve our health.  Common situations where my expertise are needed would be in areas of addiction, mental health, neurological / behavioural disorders and our conscious / subconscious mind.  

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Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner


Master in Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse ( WHNP, MSN, RN)

Cara is a women’s health nurse practitioner who cares for high-risk pregnancies in the St. Louis region. She has a dual role, caring for women who battle addiction during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as high-risk pregnancies complicated by comorbid medical conditions. “I love caring for women who need an advocate and an encourager.”

Legal Services


Ontario Lawyer

(Legal Juris)

Silvianna Muscedere is  a lawyer specializing in Worker Compensation, assisting injured workers. She also provides services related to Wills, Power of Attorneys, contract review, and is a Notary Public. She prides herself on identifying innovative solutions residing outside of the box, accomplished through her excellent analytical and research skills. She has experience working with diverse clients, such as those with mental health issues and socio-economic barriers.

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Child Life Specialist


Child Life Studies Diploma and

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Compassionate, creative and driven Child Life Specialist with eighteen years of experience working with parents, children and teens at McMaster Children’s Hospital.  Eager to help parents

understand their child/teens behaviour and feel more confident in their parenting journey. I am a parenting coach and specialize in ADHD, strong-willed children, parenting teens and anxiety.  Stop second-guessing your approach with your child or teen, it's time to build cooperation and connection.

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Registered Social Worker


Bachelor of Social Work, Masters of Social Work, BA, BSW, MSW

Lindsay's focus is on holistic and strength-based approaches when working with families and children from various backgrounds. Lindsay has experience working in areas including child abuse and trauma, disabilities and equine therapy.  

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