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Dr. Mehreen Hussain

Naturopathic Doctor

Women’s & Men's Health, Children’s
Health, Mental Health, Gut & Hormone Health, Fertility & Pregnancy, Autoimmune and Cancer Care.

About Dr. Mehreen

Dr. Mehreen Hussain, Naturopathic Doctor has been fascinated with the Natural health world since childhood, she started using herbal remedies at the age of 11, when she would venture off into the woods to look for wild herbs growing in her neighborhood, She would bring back a few herbs and make herbal tea with them for her family and herself. This early childhood passion lead Dr. Mehreen to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine.

This world of Natural Health remedies is fascinating, there is so much to discover and research and practice in the realm of Health. Using diet, nutrition, healthy recipes and healthy produce and products is essential to maintain a healthy body. Keep a healthy lifestyle and adopting healthy habits can help promote longevity and optimum quality of health which in turn helps mental wellbeing and physical fitness

Dr. Mehreen loves educating people, she thoroughly enjoys imparting her knowledge and skills on people so that they become better at taking care of their own health, the health of their family members and are able to maintain their health long-term. Prevention and healthy habits is key to living a productive life and Dr.Mehreen supports patients to reach their personal goals through all her client sessions. Dr. Mehreen believes in a three-way process to help achieve optimum health, these include building a strong foundation by repairing the body’s systems and then adding systems of detoxification and drainage to help remove toxins and waste from the body and finally establishing pillars of health thru diet, lifestyle and supplements to help
strengthen and maintain optimum health functions.

Dr. Mehreen utilizes modalities such as Acupuncture, Fertility Acupuncture, Cupping, Western and Eastern Botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Nutrition, Naturopathic counseling, Naturopathic Joint manipulation, Massage and Hydrotherapy. 

Dr. Mehreen wants to advance the field of Natural Health and is currently writing 2 books on Western and Eastern Herbal medicine as well as developing her own line of Mental Health supplements to help many folks struggling with mental health concerns. By bringing her two passions together- education and quality products, Dr. Mehreen hopes to positively impact peoples lives and give them the tools they need to bring about a healthy change.


Dr. Mehreen enjoys using her social media platform to get quality education out to the public, she runs various series on health topics to well educate her audience.

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