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Wanting a second opinion about your prenatal care?

Updated: Apr 11

In the USA the typical time allotted for a prenatal care visit is 15 minutes. Do you think 15 minutes is enough time for you to have a meaningful encounter with a doctor? Many pregnant persons say that their doctors don't talk to them or they're told 'no news is good news'. Many have questions that they don't know who to ask. Many ask questions and don't get straightforward answers. Many don't understand tests that are being ordered and never get explanations of the results. Many never have discussions about problems or concerns their OBGYN has about their pregnancy. Many don't know when their OBGYN is not providing evidence-based recommended care to them. Many don't know when they are having unnecessary interventions and surgeries. Many are told they needed a cesarean delivery yet the majority of cesareans are considered unnecessary by Obstetric specialists.

Many people don't know there are other options than to accept what they are getting and that they aren't satisfied with.

Many people tell me I'm the first person to take the time to talk with them and answer their pregnancy questions. Many have told me I was the only person who explained things in a way they understood. Many have told me I was the only one that ever talked to them about their delivery options. Many have thanked me for helping them achieve pregnancy outcomes they had doubts they could achieve.

If you want to connect with a Prenatal specialist whose focus is to inform you and communicate with you, let's chat. If you want help creating a plan for your pregnancy to reduce your risk of complications and unnecessary procedures and surgeries, let's chat. If you want to understand your tests and ultrasounds, let's chat. If you want a second opinion about something your primary pregnancy practitioner told you, let's chat. You don't have to limit your team of practitioners to just one person, or to someone your doctor knows or even to someone in your region. Video conferencing is connecting people for health all across the globe. Let's chat.

Written by Dr. Kia Lannaman

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