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Love After Loss: Single parents getting back into the dating game

Updated: May 24, 2022

A major concern for many single parents is if or when it’s okay to start dating again. While there is no definitive answer here are things to consider.

Are you ready?

Being a single parent is a full-time, high responsibility gig. Entering the dating world brings new responsibilities. Trust your gut to tell you when you’re truly ready. Don’t worry, you’ll know. If you need support during this transition contact us. We want to help make your life a little easier. Sometimes it helps to talk things through.

Establish healthy boundaries

Do not introduce your children to your date unless you are comfortable and ready. Take time to know your partner. Speak to your children prior to an introduction so they can ask you questions in a safe space.

Take your time

Your dating ideals may change and that’s okay. Allow yourself space to figure it out. Give yourself a chance to learn/relearn what you like. Life is forever changing and you are too.

Be courageous

Be confident that what you have to offer is enough. Meeting new people is an opportunity to learn about the world around you and even yourself.

You’re worthy

We all make mistakes as long as you’re making strides to be a better version of yourself you’re on the right track. Don’t allow feelings of guilt to prohibit you from experiencing good things.

If you are a religious/spiritual person it is always helpful to put God first.

Pray and meditate about your date(s) and don’t make decisions until you have peace about the situation. You need to be in a healthy place to cultivate healthy relationships, especially with new people.

Written by Tyfanny Ross, BSW, MSW, RSW

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