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Live & Interactive Webinars

Redefining Your Mental Health: Turning Symptoms Into Blessings

Thank you for joining us on Oct 22 for our Live Workshop.  In case we missed you please click the button below to watch the recording.  

What will you gain?  

  • Learn tools and methods on how to turn symptoms into blessings.

  • Learn ways to heal from anxiety and depression.

  • Understand how to recognize that you are mentally well despite any symptoms or diagnoses you may have.

Passcode: .kf$$8?V
Glenda Lezeau
Bachelor in Psychology
Minor in Cognitive Science

Meet Your Presenter

Glenda Lezeau is a mental wellness advocate and author who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 after having a mental breakdown that led to her hospitalization. This hospitalization happened months after earning her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Since having a breakdown, she has felt it deep in her heart to share her story with hopes of empowering and educating others. With that in mind, she started Rising from Bipolar. Rising from Bipolar is a platform featuring inspiring messages about mental wellness based on Glenda's personal journey. To document her journey, she published a book called Letters to My Bipolar Self which consists of 50 letters that she wrote to herself to cultivate self-love despite her symptoms. She uses her book and her story to speak on discussion panels and host workshops.


Glenda uses a combination of her personal experiences and education to transform others. She has a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science and also obtained a Mental Health First Aid Certificate. 

Passcode: .kf$$8?V
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