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Jessica Villegas

Success Coach for Teen and Young Adults

Academic Life Coach (ALC)


Jessica Villegas


Jessica Villegas is a Success Coach for teens and young adults. She has her Academic Life Coaching credential from Coach Training EDU, an ICF Accredited coaching institution out of Portland, Oregon, USA.

Jessica is also the Founder of Hi-Lite Coaching + Consulting based out of Winter Garden, Florida, USA. She has been working in a coaching, mentoring and leadership development capacity for over 12 years. Jessica challenges everyone she coaches to take responsibility for determining their own ETA in life. With that in mind, she has developed a well-known, 12 session program that is designed to Empower, Transform and Achieve the goals of her clients and is one that gives them full control over their success levels in life. Her specialties are: overcoming mental barriers inhibiting success, designing strategies to identify and accomplish goals, and teaching personal accountability and discipline techniques.

Jessica spent 13 years in the hospitality industry and another 6 in supply chain logistics where she held various leadership roles developing and training diverse, cross-functional teams and staff and designing systems of efficiency. It was in these roles that Jessica witnessed not only her ability to develop strong leaders and influence others but where she noticed the urgent need for more youth support through crucial life transitions and was led to become a professional coach. When Jessica is not coaching, hosting workshops, or volunteering in her community, she is spending time with her family, writing, or enjoying time in nature.

“I am a married woman with 3 daughters ages 13, 11 and 4. I am passionate about the roles of parents and community members when it comes to empowering and supporting young adults to be fully engaged in their developing adult lives. I feel strongly that all humans should be seen and heard for who and where they are in life and see it as my calling to foster this through my coaching space. I identify as a heterosexual, Caucasian, generation x, female that currently resides in the United States.”

Jessica's Services

Consulting Fee

15 Session Coaching Classes

10 Session Coaching Classes

6 Session Coaching Classes

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