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Our why is what matters,

so you know why you matter.


Judy and Tyfanny
"My mother saved my life with her perseverance, strength and love."

Tyfanny's Story


As a child, I faced medical challenges. I bounced around from various health professionals while being regularly poked and prodded trying to figure out what was wrong. The medical professionals did not communicate with each other which left my single mother feeling overwhelmed, confused and exhausted trying to navigate an overwhelming, complicated and contradicting system. It was a painful and challenging couple of years for me. I don't wish that experience on anyone.  


I realized that there had to be a better way and somehow I could make a positive change. 


That change exists today. Accessible Professionals is a secure virtual platform that allows professionals to connect and create reliable solutions for individuals and families they serve.  So often we don’t know what we need or where to go to seek support and to be frank we just don’t have the time. Weeks, months or even years can go by without solid solutions.  

We are bridging the healthcare gap with a Care Advocate, our version of a “Guidance Counsellor” to help support your needs, make the connections you need and follow up with you along your journey. 

Hi! I'm Tyfanny

Mother of two and Co-founder and CEO of Accessible Professionals


Tyfanny Ross graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree and with a minor in Psychology. She subsequently attended The University of Windsor successfully earning her Master’s in Social Work.


With more than ten years of practice, her passionate focus is the development of children, parenting support and mental health for children, youth and adults.   


Tyfanny is a proud mother of two girls and an author of a children’s book entitled “The Life of Lulu Leaf” a visually appealing and inspiring book that models positive character attributes for children. Signed copies of the book with a personal message to your child are available via the website:


Tyfanny has started a family-based charity to support the homeless in the GTA. The Love Life Happiness Foundation raises goods for the homeless and personally delivers goods and hand-wrapped gifts to those living on the street. 


“I identify as a Jamaican-Canadian heterosexual black woman from the millennial generation.  My belief in God provides direction to empower positivity in the lives of those I interact with.  My purpose is to enjoy this gift of life and help others recognize their life as a gift to be enjoyed. Everything in life is possible with the right support and most importantly individual initiative.

Hey! I'm Dr. Kia

New Mom and Co-founder of Accessible Professionals


Dr. Kia is a woman’s health physician who serves pregnant persons with advanced pregnancy needs. Her specialty has multiple names: Maternal-Fetal Medicine, High-Risk Obstetrics, Perinatology.  Doctors in this field are specialists in using ultrasound to evaluate the growing baby, diagnosing normal and abnormal development in the womb; we also specialize in managing maternal health conditions that complicate pregnancy. Obstetricians that write suggested national guidelines for safe Obstetric practice are often Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists. 

Dr. Kia earned her doctorate of medicine from the University of Miami in Miami, Florida. She completed a residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Winthrop University Hospital in New York and a Fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine at the joint program sponsored by the Perinatology Research Branch of the National Institute of Health, Wayne State University and the Detroit Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan. Currently, she works in the midwest of the United States of America. 

Dr. Kia has special interests in risk prevention & reduction for pregnant mothers, diagnosing and managing birth defects for children in the womb and encouraging healthy practices after childbirth, such as breastfeeding. She has a panache for clear, non-alarmist communication of complex ideas–this skill was honed through experiencing the challenges of language comprehension when living in French and Spanish-speaking countries. 


Dr. Kia has published in high-impact peer-reviewed Obstetric Journals.  She is a member of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.


“I am a relative newlywed and I just welcomed my first child in fall 2020, during the COVID-19/Pandemic. I am zealous to share helpful insights and advice on all things related to pregnancy and motherhood. I believe my work as a physician is a personal assignment from God.  I identify as a heterosexual black woman from the millennial generation.  My ethnicity is Jamaican and I reside in the United States.” 

coming this fall

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Our carefully vetted professionals will provide insightful information that will support you with solutions to your everyday matters. 

Connect with our professionals virtually, ask questions and get solutions in live time. 


Join our community to stay connected and informed about the upcoming workshops.   

Access to a CARE Advocate

Speak with a professional that will guide you and follow your journey to ensure you find solutions to your problems while ensuring your needs are met. 


We are your family's transformation team.  We value that you are the expert in your family's lives and we want to connect you with the right professional support.  Be aware of things you didn’t realize you needed. 


We are focused on preventative care and proactive care. Your Care Advocate is your family's transformation personal worker. 


Care specialist
Care Specialist
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