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Michelle McVittie

Child Life Specialist

Child Life Studies Diploma and

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


Michelle McVittie


Michelle McVittie is a child life specialist, author, and, parenting coach. She received her BA in Sociology and a Child Life Studies Diploma both from McMaster University. Over her twenty-year career, Michelle has worked in pediatric medical and mental health, with young offenders, and in daycares as a behaviour specialist.

Michelle’s first book, “I Quit! Oh, wait I’m the Mom” is a self-help book with practical tips to help Moms find their joy again in motherhood. Michelle specializes in ADHD, anxiety, strong-willed children, parenting teens, communication, collaborative problem solving, and emotion coaching.

Michelle is a recovering pleaser and she was honored to write an article for Silken Laumann's website: We are Unsinkable, on how to work through the pain of finally putting yourself first. Michelle is the CHCH morning live parenting expert and was the host of her own tv show Life with Children, on Cable 14.

When Michelle isn’t working she is carpooling to volleyball and baseball practices for her two teen children. Michelle and her husband have been together for over twenty years. Their mothers worked together as school teachers, Michelle’s mom actually taught her husband in grade 2!

Michelle's Services

Parent Coaching Sessions

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