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Reem Alzafiri

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Bachelor in Science and Masters in Science (BSc., MSc.)


Reem Alzafiri


Reem is a passionate neuroscientist who specializes in a variety of topics as it pertains to exploring the human brain, examining human behaviour, and its connections to our environment.

Reem earned her master's degree in Translational Medicine from Queen's university in Kingston, Ontario. She specialized in proteomics research, conducting the first (in the world) proof of concept for investigating the molecular environment of carotid atherosclerotic plaques using key biomarkers in order to identify high risk patients of stroke. Reem earned her bachelor's in Neuroscience and Mental health from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She investigated neurons within the gyri and sulci that were affected by traumatic brain injury through ex-vivo pig brain models.

Reem is especially interested in neural circuitry as examined by EEG technology, the finding of consciousness, the link between quantum science and neuroscience, how our brain interprets information, and how to manage important pathways in order to maintain optimal brain health (I.e., addiction and mental health).

“I am a fresh graduate who is optimistic in sharing the novel research that neuroscientists are uncovering and exploring. I believe that as a neuroscientist the need to explore who we are, is much more crucial than to discover where we are. The more familiar we are with ourselves, the more peace we will find in accepting the reality of this world and learning how to fight for our place in it. I am a Muslim Arab woman and I reside in Canada.”

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