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Hedi Shah

Personal Trainer & Movement Specialist

American Council on Exercise, European Register of Exercise Professionals, Full Range Conditioning (ACE, EREP, FRC)


Hedi Shah


Hedi is a trauma-informed personal trainer & a movement specialist.

Hedi's burning desire to learn to support healing got her to work on her craft by studying various subjects, including Neurofundamnetals, Human Biomechanics, Full Range Conditioning (FRCsm), Heart Resonance Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Personal Training, Postural Restoration, Strength and Conditioning, and Mobility Training. She's also an ACE and EREPS Certified Personal Trainer.

Hedi has come to appreciate deep work, foundational strength, and flow in her life compared to her higher intensity and martial arts training eras. The reason for this newfound appreciation was nothing more than an accident, a car accident, to be exact.

After months of suffering from concussion, followed by severe headaches and fogginess, upper back and neck pain, and working with other coaches and countless practitioners, she failed to notice any significant improvement in her condition. Nevertheless, she pushed through pain and discomfort because that was the only way she knew how. As a result, she went through many phases ranging from anger and frustration to disappointment. Still, thankfully she found her way back to hope again and again because deep down, she trusted in her body's magical powers to heal and restore.

The discomfort she experienced in dealing with a concussion, health issues, and other physical injuries led her to the work she does today. Hedi is committed to changing the narrative around movement and the stories we tell ourselves about our bodies. She guides clients to attend to the stories that their bodies have to tell through deep work so they can experience greater joy and performance in their lives.

Over the years, she has facilitated hundreds of transformations in clients physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Clients from all walks of life, different ages, with various health histories, injuries, and backgrounds. And she has come to firmly believe "our bodies have magical ability to heal and restore oneself if we are willing to do the deep work." And deep down, all of us crave to be whole again.

"I am an immigrant! Call so many places home, but my body is where I choose to return. My ethnicity is Iranian, and I live in Canada and the UK".

Hedi's Services

1:1 Movement Coaching | Drop-In

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