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The magic of pelvis work

Updated: May 24, 2022

I’ve been doing this work for a while, and still, it amazes me how everything is a lot more interconnected than our human mind can comprehend. Today, I want to share a few miracles that I’ve seen in my body and clients’ after focusing on improving pelvis posture, which is the basis of what I will be teaching in the T+LT class this Sunday.

The mysterious connection between your jaw and pelvis could be the answer to the unresolved tensions on one side of your body, neck or jaw.

Biomechanically speaking, a Deep Frontal Line connects the pelvis muscles to the jaw and neck muscles. And no wonder how the movement of one could affect the other significantly. After my accident & post-concussion, I began noticing my teeth shortening on the right, my jaw was shifting towards the right more and more, and my neck was tense all the time. When I began to improve my posture, especially my pelvis posture, to my surprise, my jaw started to look & feel different too. The more balanced I felt in my pelvis, the less tension I felt in my neck and the more energy I had. I began feeling a lot calmer, and my anxiety was close to none.

Your pelvis posture could be the missing puzzle to all your lower back issues Your pelvis and lower back are entirely connected. This connection between your pelvis and spine helps you stabilize this area and assure the whole body moves effectively and efficiently. Your pelvis is supposed to move in six different directions. When you get stuck in one of these directions and unable to transition to others throughout the day easily, your lower spine comes to help you and carry the extra load. Stretching and foam rolling could give you some release, but the majority of my clients with SI joint pain, lower back pain, and symptoms of this matter managed to be pain-free by re-introducing efficient pelvis movement. Pelvis posture work is your best friend if you’ve got lower back stuff going on.

Better pelvis posture could lead to effortless booty activation Over the years, I’ve seen how booty building became insanely popular in the fitness industry and how that brought more and more dialogues around ways to activate your glutes muscles better. Since then, resistance bands and monster walks have become insanely popular, and today I hope we can bring pelvis posture topics into mainstream media. Let me tell you, when you improve your pelvis posture, your butt gets activated without you thinking about it, whether you go for a walk, a run, or a hardcore squatting session. Not only that, any imbalances you may feel from left to right gradually dissolve and give room to an unshakable sense of balance beneath your feet.

Improving your pelvis posture could be a stepping stone in opening your avenues of expression In the world of the nervous system and generational healing, your jaw and pelvis are known to be the avenues of expression, verbally and physically. Think about what is happening to your jaw when you keep yourself from expressing fully? Repressed emotions, creativity, anger, fear etc. that could potentially cause tensing up in the jaw, clenching and grinding your teeth Now think about how your body responds to stress, trauma, & pressure? Sexual suppression, unexpressed feelings, unattended grieves etc., could result in constant pressure in the abdomen, tensed-up pelvic floor muscles and clenched butt. Improving your pelvis posture could be a stepping stone in opening these avenues of expression. Over and over, I’ve witnessed clients taking up more and more space in their bodies/lives through this work which allowed them to come closer to their full expression of self.

Written by: Hedi Shah, Movement Specialist, Trauma-informed PT, Heart Resonance Therapist


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